Dry Sump Oil Pumps

For over 13 years now, Savy Motorsport/BDG dry sump oil pumps have been providing great protection on race engines all over the country, and in fact, the world.

As a spur gear pump, these units are super-durable and reliable, even in the harshest conditions.

The Savy Motorsport/BDG Advantage

The BDG pumps combine innovative design with aerospace precision and flawless workmanship to produce a truly premium dry sump pump.  One that can be relied upon – race after race – to protect today’s expensive engines.

The innovation begins with the special lightweight stage segments and runs through to the unique yet clever rear housing which contains a reversible relief valve cartridge assembly, allowing all of our pumps to run in either direction.

The relief valve assembly also has a high flow capacity to allow for superior oil control at cold temperatures.  It has a good range of pressure adjustment and is very easy to set.

The segments are available in either of two widths; 30mm (1.181″) or 35mm (1.378″).  Generally on the 4 or 5 stage pumps, we use the 35mm segments on the pressure stage with 30mm segments on the suction stages.  For the 3 stage pump, we use a 30mm pressure stage with 35mm suction.  Single and 2 stage pumps all use 35mm segments.

Also, where pumps are supplied with more than one suction stage, internal manifolding has been installed standard, hence only one tank return hose is required.

Savy Motorsport designs and builds all products in-house.  All design and analysis functions are completed using the latest in high tech 3D solid modeling technology, Creo Parametric. This enables us to verify the form, fit and function of any new product prior to even making the first prototype.

All of our pumps can also make use of our Rear Accessory Drive Assembly to enable the mounting of accessories such as power steering pumps or fuel pumps.  This assembly features an o-ring sealed mounting face, a 4140 floating 3/8″ hex drive, and lightweight aluminium construction.


Pump Specifications: