Services and Facilities

Race car buildingMS30-build-2-300x203

We specialize in building Group N Historic Touring cars and Touring Car Masters cars, but have extensive experience in building any sedan based, CAMS approved, racing cars e.g., saloon cars or improved production cars.

Engine building

  • Vast experience in building a broad range of engines for racing, ranging from 4-valve four cylinders through to 2-valve big blocks
  • In-house cylinder head flow testing
  • Extensive experience with dry sump systems

Repairs to sub-assemblies

We service, maintain and repair manual transmissions and differentials, including design and construction of complete full floating axle assemblies, including drum brake assemblies for Group N.

Test and tune enginesdyno-pic-300x206

Comprehensive engine dyno facility for engine development and tuning.

Brake system engineering

  • Design and construction of caliper mounts
  • Design and construction of Brake rotor hats
  • Fit pedal boxes and design brake systems for racing within CAMS guidelines
  • Suppliers of quality Alcon brake products (as used in V8 Supercar)

Chassis and suspension development (from computer-aided design (CAD), to fabrication to fine-tuning)

  • Using SusProg3D® for geometry design

Produce 3D CAD models, using ProEngineer®

We can produce 3D CAD models for a broad range of products within the racing industry.

From these models, we can ensure form and fit of these components.

  • We also utilise laser cutting techniques for repeatable and accurate product manufacturing, and CNC machining techniques.


Manufacture of additional suspension linkages such as adjustable watts links (for roll centre adjustment).

Conduct general race car fabrication

  • MIG and TIG welding

General race car preparation, wheel alignment and corner scaling

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